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Twinings Earl Gray Green Tea 50g

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Twinings have taken the flavour of our famous Earl Grey Tea and blended it with green tea to produce a delicious drink with a subtle bergamot flavour

How & when to serve
Use water just after it has boiled and steep the teabag for 1-2 minutes. If the teabag is left for too long it can detract from the smooth and refreshing flavour.

Weight: 50g

Made in UK

Twinings  Earl Gray Green Tea 50g

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Lemon Green Tea Soothing, Fresh & Aromatic Green Tea is known for its smooth flavor and refreshing taste. Green teas are made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same leaves as black tea. Green teas go through a process where the leaves are heated to prevent oxidation while black teas are oxidized for additional color and flavor. Twinings' Lemon Green Tea is blended with hints of fresh lemon, infusing the tea leaves with citrus giving it a savory aroma. Suggested Use: Tastes Great Hot or Cold Hot Tea: Pour water that is hot but not boiling over teabag and allow to steep for 1-2 minutes or to desired strength. Using water that is too hot or steeping green tea too long can detract from the smooth and refreshing flavor of Twinings Lemon Green Tea. Refreshing Iced Tea: To make one Quart of Iced Tea, use 4 tea bags and brew as suggested above using 4 cups of water. Allow to cool, then serve over ice. Supplement Facts Green tea, natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors, lemon pieces.
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